MagePlace company belongs to Amasty. MagePlace modules can be found at Amasty Magento extensions page
and now all of them will be updated and supported by Amasty team. More details.

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  • Q: What is member’s area?

    Member’s area is your personal area, where you can download the purchased extensions, find information about your purchases and subscriptions. All the updates are available here for free during your subscription period.

  • Q: Can I get a brief trial or demo version of the module before purchasing?

    Unfortunately we don’t have free trial of our extensions. However you can check the functionality of this extension using our Magento Demo site. The detailed instructions including the access details are available on the product page (inlay ‘DEMO’ and ‘FEATURES’).

  • Q: Do you provide any coupons or discount?

    You can get discount on our Magento extensions by supporting us on social networks: like us on Facebook, add us to Google+ circle and follow us on Twitter. Then contact us to receive your personal discount code.

    You are also welcome to subscribe to our Newsletter as we regularly offer seasonal discounts. News about special offers and discounts are always available in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - so subscribe and keep the track on events.

  • Q: One year subscription or lifetime subscriptions?

    With the one year subscription our extension will work after your subscription period is over, however the updated versions of the extension as well as support will be provided only with subscription.

    Subscription is not obligatory.

    The "lifetime" subscription option allows receiving updates without time restrictions. Lifetime access license in not limited to any period of time and guarantees instant downloads and free upgrades.

  • Q: What does the 1 domain version cover?

    One domain version presumes 1 shop that's located on 1 domain/subdomain and works as a separate shop.

      So the structure:
    • – is considered as multiple domains.

    However, staging or dev server is acceptable with 1 domain subscription and no additional license is needed.

    You can insert dev domain first, when you will launch live site - send us ticket to update your domain record. But you still can have dev server ( - our license permits one dev server for testing purposes.

  • Q: I have an issue and need assistance = what should I do?

    Please submit a ticket and our support will answer you as soon as possible.

  • Q: Can I speed up the solving of my issue?

    Please provide us with the access data to your Magento admin page and ftp (and SugarCRM in case you have issues with the bridge extension). It will allow us to start fixing your problem right away. You also can buy 1st priority support, which means that your request will be considered first in the working hours.


  • Q: Why can’t I attach the file to the ticket?

    The ticket system doesn’t allow attaching files formats for the security reasons. However you can convert your file into one of the listed below formats and attach it then.

    File types allowed: zip,tar,jpg,jpeg,bmp,gif,txt,rtf,htm,html,pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,png,csv,mp3,ppt,rar,rtf,swf,tif,tiff,xml Max size: 8000 KB

  • Q: Can I receive my money back if your product doesn’t meet my needs?

    Refund is not applicable if you found out an extension does not suit your needs after the purchase, but it does what is stated in the description of the extension on the site. More information about our refund policies is available in the paragraph 6 of our Disclaimer.

  • Q: What services do you offer except for extensions?

    MagePlace Team provides professional Magento support and development, fix, installation and customizing services, custom development and design services.

  • Q: How can I receive the news from your website?

    Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and stay tuned for upcoming great offers and seasonal discounts that we will offer to our customers!

    Subscribe to a newsletter.

  • Q: How can I install an extension?

    Learn how easily install any of our extensions using using Direct File Upload in Magento Connect Manager (available only for Magento version 1.5 or later):

  • Q: How can I uninstall an extension?

    Please check how the extension was installed on your website.

    In case the extension was installed through zip file you need to:

    • unpack the extension zip file to any local folder;
    • compare folder structure in the unpacked sample with your webserver and remove corresponding files;
    • remove extension tables using phpminiadmin or phpmyadmin or adminer. List of tables to remove is available in the config.xml;

    In case extension was installed as a package then go to Magento connect manager and choose uninstall selectbox in the corresponding extension line.

    If you still not sure that you can manage this by yourself - please contact us and we will assign developer to remove the extension as a custom work.

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