MagePlace company belongs to Amasty. MagePlace modules can be found at Amasty Magento extensions page
and now all of them will be updated and supported by Amasty team. More details.

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Magento extensions

Powerful Magento extensions by MagePlace

Welcome to MagePlace extensions store. Here you will find feature-rich Magento modules that meet all up-to-date requirements of the rapidly growing e-commerce community. Due to flexible and highly customizable Magento architecture we’ve got a great opportunity to constantly provide e-commerce market with multifunctional complex solutions. Need a custom Magento extension? Just make a request! With our modules you will significantly enrich your website functionality and increase your conversion rates.

Magento Catalog Extensions

Call for price Magento extensionMagento Call for price Extension Change product pricing display on your Magento shop product pages.
Hide price Magento extensionMagento Hide Price Extension Hide product price on your Magento shop from guests or specific customer groups.
Backorder Magento extensionMagento Backorder Extension Display custom stock status for Magento products available for backorder.
Product Labels Magento extensionMagento Product Label Extension Attract customers' attention to products with labels.
Smart One Page Checkout Magento extensionMagento Smart Checkout Extension Ease order placement process with one-page checkout solution.
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Other popular extensions

Magento SugarCRM integration Magento-SugarCRM bridge Combine power of Magento eCommerce platform with functionality of SugarCRM system.
Magento Survey Extension Survey Extension for Magento Create surveys of various kinds on Magento site and receive direct feedback from your customers.
Magento Flipping BookFlash Flipping Book Extension Enhance your product display and provide additional information about product options.
Magento Backup ExtensionMagento Backup Extension Create Magento backups easily and save them on cloud servers.
Magento Smart Stoch UpdateMagento Smart Stock Update Extension Update stock status and quantity using CSV file upload.
HTML5 Flipping Book for MagentoHTML5 Flipping Book for Magento Enhance product layout with real-looking magazine and create attractive content using HTML5.
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Custom Magento extensions development

MagePlace now belongs to Amasty company. But don’t worry; you can contact Amasty at any time for customizing the existing modules or developing custom Magento extensions.

Our developers team specializes in Magento eCommerce deployment and integration with other systems like e-Commerce, CRM (we have a ready solution for SugarCRM integration), ERP, etc. We offer not only Magento customization services, but Magento extensions development as well. The package includes the analysis of your business needs, custom software design and development. We implement projects of any complexity. So don't hesitate to contact Amasty!

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