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Summer Holiday Sale!

Beginning of July is the time when we greet our customers with special discounts! It is also the time when we celebrate Independence Day and close our office for holidays.

Magento SaleThis year our holidays start on July 3rd and end on July 7th. During this period of time we’ll not provide fast support and respond to our tickets. Thank you for your patience and we’ll be happy to assist you next week.

Our Special offer will last much longer – from July 2nd till July 14th you’ll have an option to save 15% of each Magento extension purchased in our store! Please use coupon code “July14” at checkout and save for holiday BBQ and fireworks!

*The discount is valid for extension purchase only. Not applied for subscription renewal or custom work.

Shop for emotions at Giftioni!

Giftioni is an online shop for unique, memorable and special gifts. It offers an outstanding gift experience and covers all aspects of presents: from luxurious handcrafted packages to unforgettable emotion from extraordinary activities and exceptional services available in the giftshop.

What was the best present you've ever received? Was it an expensive jewelry? Or a brand new gadget? Is giving presents better than receiving?! Or isn't it? If the present is memorable and one of a kind - both - the giving and the receiving parties will enjoy it.

Regular Magento works for regular products. But in case you have something very unique to offer to your customers – you need a right solution to cover the specific product characteristics. Giftioni needed an option to sell special kinds of gift certificates for various activities nationwide.

Unique gifts

A custom Gift Certificate has been developed that covered specific requirements for the system: product delivery, gift code activation, scheduling event and registration of participants for the purchased activity. The custom solution was designed to manage sold certificates, enabling customers share gift and send the product to different addresses. Admins gained a usable tool to keep on track all the users of the gifts within Magento - whether activity is for one person, or for a group of people, regardless of activity location and type.

Shop for emotions and unique gifts

Along with the custom Gift Certificate management solution our team has been working on:

  • UI and Frontend development;
  • Third-party modules integration;
  • Reporting tools implementation;
  • Web-site mobile version customization;
  • Checkout process optimization.

Contact us for your custom solution!

Why create online community on your Shop?

Sometimes it feels like there’s no space for another social community. Huge and monstrous networks united hundreds of millions people giving them opportunity to communicate and share their ideas. For the past years many companies feel the market demand to integrate their shops into social networks to attract new customers, and let their shoppers share and from the store.

Social shopping community

Social shopping and community integration seems like correct and trendy marketing strategy. Indeed, many people look for shopping inspirations among their friends and communities, discussing best deals and boasting their purchases. Many retailers tend to take advantage of large admire products communities spreading word about their brand, shop or both. Huge resources are involved into social media marketing and social sharing.

At some point we come to a position when, chasing for a new customers in large communities, retailers forget that they already have loyal customers and eager shoppers, so why not to build out a community for people you actually have?

With all the social networks put there we carry out one important lessons – people want to communicate and they are willing to accept any communication mean. So how can an e-commerce site owners and online retailers benefit from this lesson and use the knowledge for the sake of their business?

The obvious answer is - create your own Social community and let your customers and admirers communicate right there.  People want to communicate, they are looking for information on products in discussion boards, read reviews on 3rd party sites and blogs and others do write the reviews on these blogs – then it’s better to bring together all these people on your e-commerce site?!

There are many benefits for people to become a part of community for your shop/brand:

  • Activities and discussions to participate in
  • Sharing opinions and feelings among co-thinkers
  • Users gain a sense of belonging to a brand
  • Encouragements for repeat visits to the site
  • Appreciation by a brand owners, special offers and discounts for active users

For e-commerce shop owners onsite Social community is another great marketing tool:

  • Communicate with customers directly;
  • Collect feedback;
  • Reward your most active followers;
  • Gain new ideas from customers;
  • Encourage customers to write articles, reviews, how-to’s;
  • Increase traffic by offering interesting materials right on your site.

Onsite community for e-commerce is a great solution as you still can promote yourself on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Etsy and so on.  But you direct all the traffic to your site and once you have user’s attention, you can keep them communicating and being socially involved right on your site, contributing content and inviting more people. You can also give people discounts for liking you on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

At a recent Meet Magento Germany event speaker Sherry Rohde (Online Community Manager in Rebellion Media and notable Magento community person) had a great speech on “How can an eCommerce retailer benefit from community?”.
Let us refer to the slideshow:


Native social community solution would add a lot of value to ecommerce site so next time you think about enhancing your shop – enhance it with social shopping tools, such as community groups, customer posts and profiles. With the community growth integrations reward your customers and brand followers with something special, encouraging them for more actions and social involvement. Develop good relationship with your customers, recognize and appreciate their dedication.  Give them place and reason to return and stick to you.

May Holidays And Workday Shift

End of spring brings us more and more thoughts about the approaching summer and vacation we longed for… In fact, we have not so many National Holidays that allow us to take breaks within the year. However, sometimes they are really packed together and give us a respite from workdays fuss.

The end of April and the beginning of May is probably the classic example of such holiday’s respite:

29 April – All Souls’ Day.

1 May – Labor Day.

9 May - Victory Day.

As a result, we receive two holiday’s islands, each 3 days long within two consecutive work weeks. So our schedule will look as follows: our office will be closed from April 29th till May 1st and from May 9th till May 11th. Please note that on these days our team won’t be able to provide fast support. We will be here for you on May 2nd and 3rd and will completely turn into the working mode on May 12th.

We sincerely hope that the absence of our support team will not cause too much inconvenience, as we constantly widen our knowledge base that includes manuals for all our extensions, articles in the blog, FAQ sections, demo website and video tutorials. And all this information is at your service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Our on-site search is designed to assist you as an aid to find the answer.

To share our joy of the upcoming holidays we are happy to give our clients a 10% discount on all MagePlace extensions*. Use special coupon code “Springbrk” to buy any of our extensions at a reduced price. And don’t forget about our regular offer: “Buy two Magento extensions and get free installation”! Of course, the free installation will be performed by the team after May 12th.

If you still face some difficulties which require technical assistance – contact our support team and we’ll reply you as soon as possible.

*This offer is valid till May 12th. Discount is not applicable to custom development.

HTML5 Flipping Book And Easter Discount

Life is constantly changing and the technical world is not an exception, in fact it’s even more shifting. New technologies come up to take place of the old ones and in order not to be left behind, you need to keep up and adapt to the new conditions. So the official release of the HTML5 pushed us to the revision of the Flash Flipping Book and creating the HTML5 Flipping Book.

Easter saleHTML5 was intended to build rich content without using extra plugins. The latest HTML version provides animation, graphics, music and even movies.

The mission of the HTML5 Flipping Book is pretty much the same as the Flash Flipping Book one - to advance product layout and standard product images with smooth animation. The extension facilitates creation of the engaging content like product catalogs, portfolios and digital magazines with page flipping effect and user-friendly navigation. The extension allows inserting images, texts, links and even video files.

HTML5 Flipping Book is a head and shoulder above the Flash Flipping Book! Why? Just take a look at its capabilities:

  • The latest versions of all web browsers support HTML5 (Chrome 16, Firefox 10, Safari 5, IE 8, 9, 10);
  • HTML5 is cross-platform: works on a PC, a Tablet and a Smartphone;
  • Compatible with mobile devices operated on iOS and Android;
  • Requires no additional plugins;
  • Requires no updates;
  • Loads pages faster and consumes less traffic.

Find more about the extension’s features in the full description on the product page.

Meanwhile, Catholic and Orthodox Christians all around the world celebrate Easter this Sunday - April 20th. The Easter Bunny didn’t forget to come by and give us a present for you – namely a tempting 20% discount on all MagePlace extensions*. Use our paschal coupon code "Easter2014" to purchase any of our extension at reduced price.

*This offer is valid till April 21st. Discount is not applicable to custom development.

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That's great and useful extension for my shop. Works very well, attaching pdf for download is a big plus for product manuals. Thumbs up!

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